Biognosys, Siemens Healthineers Collaborate on Diagnostic Biomarker Development

Biognosys, Siemens Healthineers Collaborate on Diagnostic Biomarker Development

Switzerland-based proteomics company Biognosys, which has a focus on drug discovery and development, announced a strategic collaboration with Siemens Healthineers. Under the agreement, Biognosys will leverage its biomarker discovery technologies in conjunction with Siemens’ biomarker assay development, lab testing, and commercialization infrastructure to discover novel biomarkers followed by translation of the biomarkers into validated assays for potential clinical applications.

“With this agreement we can enable our biopharmaceutical customers to use the power of our proprietary discovery proteomics solution for novel biomarker identification and bring these biomarkers into clinical applications with Siemens Healthineers’ diagnostic assay development expertise,” said Oliver Rinner, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Biognosys.

For the collaboration, Biognosys will tap its Hyper Reaction Monitoring (HRM) mass spectrometry technology to simultaneously quantify thousands of proteins from a broad range of clinical sample types. HRM enables precise quantification to identify the most promising, actionable biomarkers to support clinical decision making. The technology can be applied with high throughput in large-scale studies involving thousands of samples.

For Siemens, working with Biognosys allows it to broaden its scope with pharma customers via the identification of new proteomic biomarkers. The deal may include clinical trials usage of identified biomarkers and the development of in vitro diagnostics.

“We are excited about this relationship with Biognosys because their expertise and unique biomarker discovery capabilities are very complementary to our end-to-end diagnostic solutions for our biopharmaceutical customers.”

At the heart of work between the two companies is Biognosys’ HRM technology. Using either cell, tissue, or body fluid samples, the label-free HRM allows for reproducible and precise quantification of up to 10,000 proteins per sample. According to the company website, the HRM workflow “is ideal for identifying differentially expressed proteins or highly multiplexed protein quantification on a proteome level.”

Biognosys was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the lab of proteomics pioneer Ruedi Aebersold at ETH Zurich. Its next-generation proteomics tools and analytics engine provides advanced proteomics solutions available to researchers across pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academia.

Siemens Healthineers is an umbrella company that serves a diversity of areas within the healthcare arena ranging from medical imaging and healthcare IT to laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing.