It is not a question of if molecular profiling—the gamut of omics technologies—will enter the clinic, or even when. Clinical omics is happening now. And so, questions about clinical omics are taking a more practical turn, particularly for those who have a professional interest in overseeing, or at least accommodating, omics’ transformation of medicine.

A new resource, one that focuses on the most clinically relevant information, is overdue. Already, clinicians are systematically evaluating the benefits of sequencing technologies, building data repositories, and tackling practicalities such as reimbursement and protocols for incidental findings. Moreover, even as single-gene effects are informing clinical decisions, system-level processes are being scrutinized for ways to distinguish between wellness and ill health. Multidimensional, computationally rich approaches represent the next wave of innovation, taking personalized medicine to the next level, while demanding more of practitioners, who in turn demand convenient, informative updates on the ever-changing state of clinical omics. As such, the time is ripe for this publication, Clinical OMICS.

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