Custom Solutions for Clinical Diagnostics

Considerations for Sample Preparation, Amplification & Analysis

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Custom Solutions for Clinical Diagnostics

There is a lot to love about clinical and molecular diagnostic work. You get to engage in a variety of different and stimulating scientific testing, which can vary from day to day and keep your job interesting. You also get to contribute to human health in a positive and meaningful way by providing information that is essential not only to disease diagnosis, treatment and management, but also disease prevention.

However, as with most jobs, working in a diagnostic lab is not without its fair share of challenges and pressures. Sometimes the constant day to day changes can feel more stressful than enjoyable, when you don’t know what kind or how many tests will be coming through the door at any given time. Sometimes there may be people on your case all day, demanding to know when you will be able to get results for their patients when you have thousands of other samples to get through. Sometimes the equipment you rely on to complete your work succumbs to Murphy’s law and will act up or go down on your absolute busiest day (which almost always coincides with a vacation day of the one person who knows how to fix it). And sometimes you are tasked with accomplishing twice as much with half the budget and half the staff.

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, custom manufacturing can help alleviate that burden. Whether you need a custom master mix formulation or need help automating your workflow to turn out tests more quickly, Promega will support you through your trials and triumphs in the lab. There’s no problem too small or idea too big—we’re here to help you find your path to success.


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