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Offering Includes Whole Genome Sequencing and Full Body MRI to Give Insight into Cancer, Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Neurological Disease Risk

Human Longevity, which focuses on a genomics-based approach to unlocking insights into human health launched Health Nucleus X (HNX) a pilot program designed to provide individuals and their physicians actionable insights to proactively manage health using genomics and advanced MRI.

The pilot is being offered in the Health Nucleus facility in La Jolla, California from May 1 through June 30, 2017 for an introductory price of $7,500. Patients wishing to participate will spend about three hours at Health Nucleus for core testing that includes whole genome sequencing and a whole-body, 3D MRI.

According to Cynthia Collins, CEO of Human Longevity, HNX builds on the findings of Health Nucleus Platinum program, which is a full day of testing and also includes CT scans, echocardiogram, EKG, and an expanded metabolic and lab-testing regimen.

“Our aim with the Health Nucleus and HNX is to give individuals and their physicians the data to create integrated, personalized, and proactive health plans for their future,” Collins said.

The company also offers a Health Nucleus Platinum (HNP) program, which is a full eight-hour-day of health testing that includes the two modalities from HNX along with others such as CT scans, echocardiogram, EKG, and a more complete battery of metabolic and lab testing. To date, 570 people have participated in HNP with nearly 40% having significant potential health indications discovered at an early stage. Health Nucleus and HNX both are designed to provide personalized health insights into cancer, neurological, metabolic, and cardiovascular disease risk.

“Building on the success and important health findings from our Health Nucleus Platinum experience, we are pleased to pilot Health Nucleus X which we believe will enable more people to experience the health insights that come from this advanced testing,” said Collins. “Our aim with the HNP and HNX is to give individuals and their physicians the data to create integrated, personalized and proactive health plans for their future.”

Specifically, the HNX experience includes:

  •     Advanced whole body and brain MRI scan
  •     Whole genome sequence analysis
  •     A few specific laboratory tests
  •     An in-depth report with full review of the results
  •     Microbiome test (included for an additional $50 (for an additional fee)

HNX aims to bring the advantages of advanced testing to a broader population. HLI said it anticipates opening HNX facilities in additional cities after completion of the pilot program.

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