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Life-extending targeted treatment options are emerging at an accelerated pace, but cancer cases across the world still continue to rise. And unfortunately, the number of clinical oncologists available to treat these cancer patients is declining. As a result, cancer continues to significantly impact the lives of many, as it is nearly impossible for clinicians to keep up with the volume and complexity of new genetic discoveries and treatment options.

“It is increasingly more difficult for a clinician to stay informed on the latest cancer-related information. Without specialized technology, clinicians are limited in their usage of this data. As a result, GenomOncology developed a suite of solutions that intakes the extensive, evolving cancer-related information, and outputs data-driven intelligence. By combining our precision oncology framework and knowledge base with an institution’s clinical data, our solutions produce the insights necessary to optimize patient care,” said Brad Wertz, chief executive officer at GenomOncology.

GenomOncology provides the healthcare community with technology and knowledge to yield actionable, evidence-based recommendations. At the heart of GenomOncology’s solutions is GenomOncology’s Precision Oncology Platform (POP). This platform integrates, continuously updates, and curates the latest precision medicine information, as well as accruing proprietary data. POP powers a comprehensive set of end-to-end software solutions that streamline data enablement, decision support, and analytics, enabling precision medicine to drive measurable improvement to patient care.

Be notified about the latest precision oncology intelligence

GenomOncology not only provides access to the latest precision oncology data, but can also notify users when it is relevant to a patient or study. A clinician’s workload is often absorbed by patient care, limiting their time for the extensive analysis required for developing treatment plans. To streamline the effort required for patient review and treatment research, push notifications can be set up within GenomOncology’s platform.

In the past decade, the amount of data related to cancer has increased exponentially. While all this knowledge is important to the advancement of cancer care, a clinician may only be interested in a subset of the information, such as a specific set of clinical trials targeting certain biomarkers, or clinical trials located at an exact location. To reduce the noise associated with push notifications, clinicians can customize the cadence, type, and form of communication they want to receive from GenomOncology. This ultimately improves delivery, open rate, and retention, as clinicians are only receiving individualized alerts.

Some examples of notifications that can be configured within GenomOncology’s platform include notifications for cohort identification, in-house clinical trial matching, and knowledge monitoring.

Cohort Identification

Identifying a group of patients for a research study can be a time-consuming, challenging task. Numerous individuals at an institution often run their own studies, but are unable to easily determine which patients meet their specific criteria due to disparate patient data. However, GenomOncology significantly reduces the labor associated with identifying patients for cohort analysis. Each night, GenomOncology queries the latest institutional data, including new patient data, and can notify a clinician when a patient with matching disease, biomarkers, and clinical data is identified who fits the requirements of the study.

In-House Clinical Trial Matching

With the rapid development of new clinical trials and therapies, it is difficult to find eligible patients for enrollment. To streamline the patient treatment matching process, GenomOncology can notify clinicians when patients are qualified for a clinical trial based on the combination of their disease and biomarkers. GenomOncology queries the latest institutional data, as well as any new clinical trial developments or eligibility criteria, and analyzes that information against available patient genomic, disease, and clinical data. If a match is identified, the solution will then alert the clinician about the patient and their opportunity for enrollment, removing that substantial manual review.

Knowledge Monitoring

Due to the continuous progression of precision medicine and rapid rise in therapy approvals, more appropriate treatment opportunities could arise for patients. GenomOncology’s solutions streamline this knowledge management, informing clinicians when a new development evolves that could be beneficial to a patient. By setting up a customized notification for a patient, GenomOncology can query the latest precision oncology data related to their diagnosis and alert the clinician when there are new opportunities for the patient, such as if the patient is eligible for a new FDA approved therapy option or a new clinical trial that may be more effective.

“By combining proprietary content, publicly available data sets, and licensed data sets with your patient information, our solutions deliver the insights necessary to enhance treatment decisions and elevate patient care. The automated notification process even further reduces the time and costs associated with knowledge management and treatment identification, giving clinicians details regarding potentially life-saving opportunities for their patients as soon as possible,” said James Cole, PhD, vice president of product innovation.

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GenomOncology in use

GenomOncology’s precision oncology solutions are utilized at over 40 organizations, including at 17 NCI- and NCCN-designated institutions and over 20 molecular labs. GenomOncology’s flexible, API-driven, data-agnostic solutions can be customized to fit the unique needs and use cases of any institution. By working directly with organizations, the GenomOncology team can tailor the platform to enhance and streamline institutional workflows, improving utilization and productivity.

“Our collaborative partnerships with leading healthcare institutions have enabled us to create solutions that solve demanding problems,” said Wertz. “GenomOncology’s Precision Oncology Platform is designed to take the heavy lifting associated with cancer research and treatment evaluation and provide streamlined decision support that gives clinicians the evidence and recommendations they need to make enlightened patient decisions.”



To learn more about GenomOncology and their scalable, customizable precision oncology solutions, visit: www.genomoncology.com

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