RxGenomix, Translational Software Ink PGx Partnership

RxGenomix, Translational Software Ink PGx Partnership

Pharmacogenomics companies RxGenomix and Translational Software (TSI) announced today a partnership that will combine healthcare claims analytics, clinical decision support, provider education, and a pharmacist-led program offering seeks to make PGx more accessible in the clinical setting.

The companies said in a press release that the combination of their information and technologies will provide healthcare providers, payors, and employers with a simple solution to enable pharmacogenomics as a benefit.

In the past few years, pharmacogenomics, the science of how an individual’s genetic makeup affects response to some medications, has been emerging as an important tool for clinicians to tap into when prescribing drugs for their patients. A more precise method of prescribing can benefit both patient outcomes, avoid adverse rug responses, and save healthcare dollars.

“After surveying the market, we found Translational Software (TSI) to have strict evidence-based standards for all of its guidance, and a track record of complex PGx deployments across different stakeholders that complements our continued strategy of pharmacist-led PGx capabilities,” said RxGenomix COO Blake Keller, PharmD in a press release. “TSI also brings the right security posture, and a flexible and collaborative partnership approach which accelerates RxGenomix’s ability to deploy the most comprehensive and effective PGx offering in healthcare.”

RxGenomix has developed a novel, highly secure, interoperable hub that enables communication regarding genetic insights across disparate healthcare IT platforms such as lab management systems, electronic health records and pharmacy operating systems. The RxGenomix Hub connects pharmacies to labs, offering clinical decision insights to pharmacists to support prescribers with interpreting PGx reports, and other clinical information to optimize medication selection. TSI offers vetted genetic insights and up-to-date knowledge from authoritative guidelines that enhances a provider’s ability to consider PGx data in their clinical decision making.

Combining the two companies’ technologies creates a platform for a wide range of healthcare stakeholders to evaluate the potential effectiveness of a PGx program, risk stratify populations to target PGx and clinical interventions, and improve healthcare outcomes.

“RxGenomix is led by industry veterans and their business approach to implementing vertical-specific PGx solutions highlights their depth of familiarity. This is another example of our diversified reach as we continue to service clinical laboratories, health systems, benefit brokers, and those servicing employers in improving health outcomes via pharmacogenetic testing,”  said Don Rule, CEO of Translational Software