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IPM What do you see for the future of cancer care?

Cancer care has grown beyond surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Cancer research and findings continue to progress, which results in advanced, biomarker-driven drug discovery and development. There are now thousands of available biomarker-based clinical trials and hundreds of approved therapies that can be used as targeted treatments.

However, keeping up with the amount of cancer-related data and treatment options continues to become more and more laborious. It is incredibly time-consuming to review and analyze this evolving information, which can limit its application in care. Without having dedicated tools that streamline the analysis and use of available cancer data, turnaround time from patient sample to treatment recommendation can potentially increase.

This is where GenomOncology can help. GenomOncology offers end-to-end solutions that apply decades of cancer research and innovation directly into patient care to enable practical precision oncology.

IPM How does GenomOncology provide support for the application of practical precision oncology?

GenomOncology’s Precision Oncology Platform intakes the extensive, expanding cancer-related information, as well as data from unstructured patient reports, the EHR, NGS reports, clinical data, and more. All this information is structured, compiled, curated, and analyzed via our proprietary competencies. Then the Precision Oncology Platform outputs optimized decision support that can be utilized to identify relevant treatments a patient is eligible for, as well as enhanced analytics that can streamline research and insights into opportunities to advance precision oncology care.

IPM How do your solutions fit into institution or lab workflows?

We currently have eight end-to-end, in-market solutions that are powered by our Precision Oncology Platform. These solutions are designed to target the unique needs of the users within the precision oncology care ecosystem. We know that every precision oncology program or workflow is unique, and therefore, our solutions are designed so they can easily be plugged into workflows based on the needs or opportunity of an institution.

For example, if an institution needs access to data that is stuck in pdf versions of patient reports, GenomOncology’s solutions can extract and structure that data for further analysis. Or, if an institution needs insight into cohorts of patients that are eligible for a specific clinical trial, GenomOncology’s solutions can evaluate their patients’ data against clinical trial eligibility criteria, including their prior lines of treatment. This results in cohorts of patients that are eligible to enroll in a specific clinical trial. Overall, GenomOncology’s flexibility and scalability allows for usage in multiple use cases.

IPM Where are your solutions installed today?

GenomOncology’s precision oncology solutions are currently implemented at over 40 institutions, including at 16 NCI- and NCCN-designated solutions and over 20 molecular labs. Our partnerships with these leading institutions have enabled us to build out capabilities that serve multiple use cases, creating best practice processes that can be easily replicated and implemented.


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