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Illustration showing tumor inside prostate gland and closeup view of prostate cancer cells to the left of the image.

Researchers Develop New Method for Prostate Cancer Screening

Scientists develop new method for prostate cancer screening halving the number of harmless tumors detected, reducing unnecessary treatment.
PSA test

Annual PSA Screening “Particularly Important” for Black Men

Annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening may have a greater impact on reducing prostate cancer-specific mortality in Black men than in White men.
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Cancer History Linked with Increased Risk of Heart Disease

The team observed that cancer survivors had a 42% higher risk of CVD than people without a cancer history.

Hunting for Hereditary Cancers

A wider reach—in patients and data—promises better outcomes.

New Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Uncovered by Broad, Diverse Data Study

The researchers showed that men of African ancestry inherit about twice the prostate cancer risk on average compared to men of European ancestry. In contrast, men of Asian ancestry inherit about three-quarters the risk of their white counterparts.

African American, European Ancestry Men Benefit from Same Targeted Prostate Cancer Therapies

The researchers found no notable differences in genetic variation that would impact the efficacy of current therapies for prostate cancer, such as treatment with PARP inhibitors targeting DNA repair genes, between the two groups of men.
Scientists create comprehensive genetic map for advanced prostate cancer and find an array of clinically actionable targets. [Judith Glick Ehrenthal/iStock]

Rosetta Stone for Prostate Cancer Deciphered

Based on the most current data, approximately 14% of men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their lifetime. If detected...
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Applying Precision Medicine at Scale

More than 20 years ago, the announcement of the completion of the first human genome was heralded, often breathlessly, as the dawn of a new age of medicine. But how far have we actually come in using an individual’s unique molecular make up to provide individually tailored care based on this information?
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Improving Health Equity Starts with Real-World Evidence

Good health is not solely determined by whether a person has access to quality healthcare. Rather, it can be affected by a range of situations that happen to people outside of the health system in their everyday life.
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Mammography Quality Varies Across Racial and Ethnic Lines

In a recent study, diagnostic mammography results varied across racial and ethnic groups, with the rate of diagnostic accuracy highest in non‐Hispanic white women and lowest in Hispanic women.


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