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Black Prostate Cancer Patients’ Radiation Therapy Outcomes Better Even with Higher Risk Disease

A meta-analysis of radiation therapy trials by UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers showed that black men with more aggressive disease appeared to have better outcomes than their white counterparts.

Nine New Genes Found that Increase Prostate Cancer Risk in Blacks  

The study suggests a potential clinical utility of PRS in differentiating between the risks of developing aggressive and nonaggressive disease in men of African ancestry.

Genetic Variants Could Predict Prostate Cancer Risk in Black Men

Genetic variants may be responsible for early-onset prostate cancer among Black men.
Illustration showing tumor inside prostate gland and closeup view of prostate cancer cells to the left of the image.

Genetic Variants Linked to Prostate Cancer in Black Men Identified

Genetic variants that may increase the risk of prostate cancer, or increase the risk of severe disease, in Black men have been identified.
Conceptual image for viral ethiology of prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer and Treatment Differs in Black Men

Black men with prostate cancer may respond well to androgen deprivation therapy (ADT)-based regimens, but they are less likely to receive such therapy than non-Blacks, according to a new multi-institutional retrospective analysis.

RNA Expression Data Could Explain Prostate Cancer Differences Between Black and White Men

RNA expression changes in the tumor and tumor environment could at least partially explain why Black Americans have more severe and harder to treat prostate cancer than White Americans, according to new research findings.
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Fruits and Veggies Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer rates are lower in men who regularly consume lots of fruits and vegetables. This diet may also improve treatment outcome, according to new research from the University of South Australia.
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Lack of Genomic Research of People with African Ancestry Hinders Closing Cancer-Care Disparity Gap

New research published today adds more evidence to how the lack of genomic research for people of African Ancestry continues to negatively affect efforts to reduce disparities in cancer care.
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ACS: HPV Vaccine Reducing Cervical Cancer Rates, but Prostate Cancer on the Rise

The American Cancer Society (ACS) released their annual report on cancer facts and trends today, Cancer Statistics, 2023, showing overall cancer mortality has declined by 33% in the last 30 years.
Illustration showing tumor inside prostate gland and closeup view of prostate cancer cells to the left of the image.

Researchers Develop New Method for Prostate Cancer Screening

Scientists develop new method for prostate cancer screening halving the number of harmless tumors detected, reducing unnecessary treatment.


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