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Study Shows miRNA Can Predict NSCLC Patient Survival After Immunotherapy

The results point to miRisk being able to determine whether patients with advanced-stage NSCLC should receive only immunotherapy (IO) or if they should receive immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy (ICT).
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Survival Rates of Newly Diagnosed Stage 4 NSCLC Patients Improved by Molecular Testing Prior...

The study used data from 525 newly diagnosed stage 4 NSCLC patients who had actionable genetic drivers (AODs) of the disease.
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NSCLC Outcomes Predicted by AI-Guided Biomarker

Using two independent clinical cohorts, researchers have developed a tool using artificial intelligence to calculate and analyze spatial distribution of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes to predict immunotherapy outcomes.
T-Cells of the immune System attacking growing Cancer cells

Study Outlines New Strategy for Treating NSCLC with Immune Checkpoint Blockade

A new study shows that some ICB-resistant T cells stop working before they even enter the tumor. These T cells are not actually exhausted, but rather they become dysfunctional due to changes in gene expression that arise early during the activation of a T cell, which occurs in lymph nodes.
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More Precise NSCLC Treatment Selection Boosted by Using EGFR Mutation Structure and Function

Researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say that grouping epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations by structure and function can help to better match non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients to the most promising treatments.
Biocept will evaluate the clinical utility and cost effectiveness of using Biocept's Target Selector testing in patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Predictive Model Selects NSCLC Patients for Immunotherapy

Among 16 clinical features considered, the levels of serum albumin and the number of metastatic sites a patient had were significantly associated with overall survival. Among 213 radiomic features, gray level cooccurrence matrix (GLCM) inverse difference was associated with overall survival.
Biodesix has expanded its lung disease test franchise by acquiring Intagrated Diagnostics (Indi)

Biomarker Testing for NSCLC Shows Wide Variability

The introduction of new biomarkers and innovative testing methods—like whole-genome sequencing and the evaluation of circulating tumor DNA using liquid biopsies—makes complex diagnosis in patients with stage IV non–small cell lung cancer likely to be even more complex.  
Biocept will evaluate the clinical utility and cost effectiveness of using Biocept's Target Selector testing in patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Severe Chemotherapy Side Effects in NSCLC Predicted

Blood samples from 96 patients treated for NSCLC with gemcitabine/carboplatin were analyzed to find several thousand SNVs/INDELS associated with the three main types of myelosuppression –neutropenia, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia.
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Biocept’s NSCLC Liquid Biopsy Gains Coverage from Insurer Highmark

With its coverage determination, Highmark will reimburse testing with Biocept's assay in health insurances across the company’s market areas of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia, where it serves 5.6 million members.
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Results from Large-Scale NSCLC Precision Medicine Trial Inform Future Trial Design

The NLMT was launched as a £25 million collaboration with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and other pharmaceutical companies, and with support from the NHS. The project uses next generation sequencing (NGS) to match treatments to patients based on genetic markers.