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Bacteria on the intestinal epithelium surface, illustration

Antimicrobial Resistance Joint Venture Launched by Boehringer Ingelheim, Evotec, bioMérieux

Named Aurobac Therapeutics SAS, the joint venture will endeavor to combine development of next-generation antimicrobial agents along with actionable diagnostics.
Nurse helping patient in hospital bed take a drink

Probiotic Drink Spiked with Genetic Elements Helps Thwart Antimicrobial Resistance

The drink targets small DNA elements called plasmids that carry antibiotic resistance genes. By preventing these plasmids from replicating, the antibiotic resistance genes are displaced, effectively re-sensitizing the bacteria to antibiotics.
Clostridium difficile bacterium

The Broad’s Genotype/Phenotype Diagnostic Approach Helps Unravel Antimicrobial Resistance

The new test, dubbed GoPhAST-R, combines phenotypic antibody susceptibility testing (AST) with newer genotyping methods that search bacterial DNA for mutations known to confer drug resistance.

Antimicrobial Resistance Test Kits, Blood Collection Tube

The new Streck ARM-D Kits detect the most clinically important current and emerging antimicrobial resistance threats.
With NGS diagnostics

Snapshot: Propelled by Next-Gen Sequencing, MDx Gains on Antimicrobial Resistance

If molecular diagnostic tests are to keep pace with fast-evolving microbes, they will have to find an “extra gear.” Existing gears—single pathogen tests and...

Avoiding Resistance Triggers: New Antimicrobial Strategies

Naturally inspired immune stimulants known as theta-defensins and AI-based strategies can both help develop antimicrobials less prone to falling foul of drug resistance.

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance with Biology

The next phase of phage research is here, but many challenges remain before it enters the clinic.
Bacteriophage Virus attacking Bacterium

Combination Therapy with Phage Viruses and Antibiotics Targets Antibiotic Resistance

A UK study to assess the best way to combat pathogenic bacteria shows some antibiotics are more effective than others when combined with bacteriophage viruses.
MRSA bacteria or superbug

Targeting Hydrogen Sulfide Production Could Help Fight Antibiotic Resistance

Inhibiting bacterial hydrogen sulfide production can help improve antibiotic efficacy by reducing the ability of bacterial species such as Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa to tolerate exposure to antibacterial drugs.
People walking through airport, silhouette (focus on aeroplane)

Antimicrobial Resistant Superbugs Spread via Microbiomes of International Travelers

Poverty, poor sanitation, changing agricultural practices and overuse of antibiotics in people and livestock have turned many developing regions into hot spots for diseases spread by bacteria, including infections that are increasingly resistant to a range of antibiotic drug treatments.