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Study Shows miRNA Can Predict NSCLC Patient Survival After Immunotherapy

The results point to miRisk being able to determine whether patients with advanced-stage NSCLC should receive only immunotherapy (IO) or if they should receive immunotherapy in combination with chemotherapy (ICT).
Treating Cancer

Diverse CAR Libraries Could Aid Cancer Immunotherapy Development

New research reports the development and applicability of libraries of immune cells displaying diverse repertoires of CARs that can recognize non-self antigens and display antigen-dependent clonal expansion.

MD Anderson: Ultrasound-Guided Microbubbles Improved Immunotherapy

The approach employs nanocomplexes combined with microbubbles to deliver cyclic guanosine monophosphate-adenosine monophosphate into antigen-presenting cells.
hepatocellular carcinoma

Novel Method May Predict HCC Immunotherapy Response

Researchers at Osaka University report they have developed an analytical method that could help predict if an HCC patient would successfully respond to immunotherapy.
Bladder Cancer

Immunotherapy Reduces Bladder Cancer Recurrence

Results from the CheckMate 274 trial show that adjuvant immunotherapy with nivolumab after surgery and chemotherapy helped reduce bladder cancer recurrence in patients with urothelial cancer of the bladder.
Dentritic Cell activate T cells, trigger immune responses, they are responsible of cells protection of the body.

T-Cell Behavior in Tumors Affects Immunotherapy Response

The study indicates that the genetic program of T lymphocyte immune cells infiltrating malignant tumors, and the developmental path that these T cells then follow, may affect their response to immunotherapy.

Failed Trial Provides Insights to Preventing Immunotherapy Adverse Events

Some people see no change after immunotherapy, but others develop serious problems in their lungs, bowel, and even skin during treatment. These side effects can be debilitating and even fatal.
Cancer cells, illustration

Researchers Find a New Target for Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers observed the differences in intratumoral immune responses between male and female cancers of non-reproductive origin.
Food with high content of Omega-3 fats

Data Hints at Omega-3 Role in Boosting Immunotherapy

The research also revealed that consumption of high levels of omega-6 fatty acids—common in American diets—was associated with a poor response to immunotherapy
Melanoma cancer cells of human under microscope

New Advanced Melanoma Immunotherapy Regimen Approved by FDA

The FDA has approved the use of the anti-lymphocyte-activation gene (LAG)-3 agent relatlimab in combination with the anti-programmed death (PD)-1 drug nivolumab for patients with treatment-naïve advanced melanoma.