Cancer Cells under microscope

Wyss Institute, Northpond Labs to Develop Cell Therapy Delivery Tech

The research is focused on finding effective methods for getting therapeutic cells to their targets in the body so they can interact with diseased cells.


Fetus with DNA ambilocal chord

NIPT Builds on Its Success

With guidelines for noninvasive prenatal testing expanding and payers reimbursing for these screenings, researchers search for new testing methods. Noninvasive prenatal testing brought genetics to the very core of clinical practice.

Genetic Counseling for All

In the 1990s, Elissa Levin proposed a master’s thesis on using the Internet to extend the reach of genetic counselors. Quickly, her committee shut...
Scientists Loading Centrifuge

Testing Conundrum

When Congress reconvenes in January, the lengthy docket of action items is expected to include proposed solutions to the years-long conundrum over how to...