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Why Late Stage Cervical Cancer is on the Rise

Early stage cervical cancer rates fell, while cases of advanced disease have increased, in the US every year for the last couple of decades.
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Higher Cancer Rates in Men Likely Due to Biological Differences

Men’s greater susceptibility to cancer may be due to underlying biological sex differences rather than behavioral factors.
CART Cell Cancer Immunotherapy

GSK’s Jemperli Delivers 100% Response in Rectal Cancer

GSK’s immunotherapy Jemperli (dostarlimab) had a 100% complete response in a small trial for mismatch repair-deficient (MMRd) rectal cancer.
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Cancer Risk in Men Linked to High Childhood BMI

The study shows that the group of boys overweight at age 8 had an increased risk of obesity-related cancer in adulthood. This applied particularly to those whose weight remained elevated at age 20.

Peeking Inside the Loxo Oncology-Foghorn Therapeutics $1.7B Cancer Collaboration

Precision therapy developer Foghorn Therapeutics will deploy its Gene Traffic Control platform to regulate chromatin in collaboration with Loxo Oncology at Lilly
3d illustration of a cancer cell in the process of mitosis

Younger Cancer Patients Have Distinct Molecular Profiles

Molecular and tumor profiles of people with cancer aged 50 or younger show significant differences compared to older individuals with the same cancer, suggesting age should be taken into account when considering treatment options.
PD-1 Antibody Targeting Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

High Tumor Mutation Burden Only Useful Prognosis Predictor for Some Cancers

High tumor mutation burden is only predictive of good response to immune checkpoint therapy in cancers with a positive correlation between the production of neoantigens and CD8 T-cell production by the immune system, according to research from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Light micrograph of metastases in breast tissue

Mechanism of Breast Cancer Therapy Resistance Identified

The scientists at the University of Turku Bioscience Center observed that the Sortilin-related receptor (SorLA) functionally contributes to the most reported therapy-resistant mechanism by which the cell-surface receptor HER3 counteracts HER2 targeting therapy in HER2-positive cancers.
Healthcare Technology

Machine-Learning Tool Improves Cancer Drug Response Prediction

The researchers introduced machine learning algorithms that use protein interaction networks that can interact with target proteins as well as the transcriptome of individual proteins that are directly related with drug targets.
DNA Modification

One in Eight Cancer Patients Harbors Inherited Mutation that Increases Risk of Disease Development

Standard guidelines to determine which patients with cancer should undergo genetic testing only identified 48% of the patients with an inherited genetic mutation.


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