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Improving Personalized Treatment of Bladder Cancer

Danish researchers have discovered new molecular sub-groups in early stages of bladder cancer.
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New Bladder Cancer Response to Therapy Revealed by Whole-Exome Sequencing

Colorado Cancer Center's whole-exome sequencing of most-used cancer cell lines detail genetic alterations that may aid in therapy selection.
Close up of a cancer cell - 3d illustration

Tumor Organoids May Help Treatment Selection for Biliary Tract Cancer

Patient-derived tumor organoids--3D tissue cultures derived from tumor tissue samples--could be used to predict the most suitable treatment for patients with biliary tract cancer, suggests research presented at Digestive Disease Week 2023 in Chicago.
bariatric or stomach banding surgery for weight loss or treatment of diaphragmatic hernia concept photo. Doctor pinched anatomical model of stomach using rope, preventing flow of food, showing procedure

Bariatric Surgery May Halve the Risk for Obesity-Associated Cancers

People who undergo bariatric surgery have less than half the risk for developing an obesity-associated cancer than their peers who do not receive weight loss surgery.
Bladder Cancer

First ADC/Immuno-Oncology Combination Approved for Urothelial Cancer

The FDA just granted Seagen's PADCEV and Merck's KEYTRUDA accelerated approval as a combination therapy for advanced urothelial cancer.
Dividing Cancer Cell

European Cancer Mortality Rates Continue to Decline–With Exceptions

European cancer mortality predictions for 2023 suggest death rates will be 6.5% lower in men and 3.7% lower in women than they were in 2018.
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Medicare Green Lights Coverage of Signatera MRD Test for Breast Cancer

Natera announced today that it received written confirmation from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that its Signatera molecular residual disease (MRD) test will be reimbursed for adjuvant and recurrence monitoring in patients with stage IIb or higher breast cancer.
Breast cancer illustration showing one breast with cancerous tissue fluorescing

HALO Diagnostics and Ikonopedia Team up for Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

HALO Diagnostics and breast imaging company Ikonopedia have inked a genetic testing partnership to improve breast cancer detection and outcomes.
Lymphocytes attacking a cancer cell, illustration

Novel Method Boosts Immune-Checkpoint Cancer Therapy

The research team focused on natural killer (NK) cells, and developed a monoclonal antibody to block a protein, KIR2DL5, on NK cells.
Bile Duct Cancer

AstraZeneca to Tap Invitae’s Ciitizen Patient-Consented Database for Rare Cancer Research

Invitae’s Ciitizen genomic and health history data will be used in a retrospective and prospective study of patients diagnosed with the rare bile duct cancer cholangiocarcinoma.


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