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Four-in-Five Eligible Breast Cancer Patients Not Informed of Genomic Testing Options

A survey of patients with breast cancer conducted in five European countries found that four-in-five patients eligible for genomic testing are not told it is available to them.
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Genomics Companies Band Together to Launch CardioGenomic Testing Alliance

The member companies will work together to advance the use of these tests by educating healthcare organizations, physicians, and other stakeholders of the clinical utility of testing to improve patient outcomes.
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Payer Policies not Sole Reason for Inconsistent Utilization of Genomic Testing

A report from the Personalized Medicine Coalition found significant variability in the use of genomic testing for patients not only from state to state, but also within states.
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Payer Policies not Sole Reason for Inconsistent Utilization of Genomic Testing

The report used data from all 50 states for noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT), whole-exome sequencing (WES), and comprehensive genetic profiling (CGP) of tumors of patients with advanced cancer and found significant variability in the use of these tests for patients not only from state to state, but also within states.
Cambridge Epigenetix has launched a discovery and development program for a test to detect colorectal and other cancers

Only 40% of Metastatic Colon Cancer Patients Get Guideline-Recommended Genomic Testing

This study also showed that using a comprehensive panel, as opposed to single-gene testing, could possibly result in a 50% increase in guideline-recommended testing rates.
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Clinical Genomic Testing Service Companies Report Customer Base Growth

The global genomics market is growing steadily, and is expected to reach between $25 billion and $40 billion by 2025, according to market analysts.
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UVM Health Taps LunaPBC, Invitae on Genomic Testing Pilot Project

The pilot project will provide information for 147 genes that are well-established indicators of increased risk for certain diseases for which clinical treatment guidelines are established.

ACMG Launches Evidence-Based Guidelines for Genetic, Genomic Testing

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) said today it will establish a program designed to develop new evidence-based guidelines in medical...
Exome sequencing designed to identify the gene responsible for chronic kidney disease has a direct impact on treatment for most patients

Study Recommends Genomic Testing as ‘Clinically Essential’ in Chronic Kidney Disease

Genes account for about 1 in 10 kidney disease cases, with DNA testing reclassifying the cause in 1 of 5 diagnosed individuals, study shows
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Diagnomics, Translational Software Partner on Pharmacogenomic Testing Service

The PGx guide, available in the U.S., will report on an individual's anticipated drug response, metabolism and medication efficacy


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