How Laboratory Automation Leads in the Global Fight Against Cancer

A Q&A with Tecan on scaling oncology innovations from life science to the clinic

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Achim von Leoprechting
Dr. Achim von Leoprechting

Dr. Achim von Leoprechting became CEO of Tecan in 2019. Under his watch during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tecan boosted its profile as a global leader in innovative and scalable solutions for the most pressing issues in healthcare and the life sciences. Strengthened by Tecan’s recent growth, the company has set focus on accelerating discovery and driving the translation of research insights into compliant clinical solutions for another global health issue: cancer.

IPM: What makes Tecan stand out as a trusted partner in the global fight against cancer?

Tecan is a pioneer and market leader in laboratory automation for more than 40 years. We enable customers to put seminal discoveries into practice—from basic science to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

Research and clinical diagnostics rely on complex assays to further understanding of diagnostic markers and disease pathways in oncology. By uncovering more data in fields such as genomics and proteomics, we further understanding of cancer mechanisms, which can develop more effective and timely treatments. The continuing discoveries in cancer mechanisms, pathways, and biomarkers have significantly advanced personalized treatments and methods for earlier diagnoses. Tecan sees the promise of further unlocking the genome and harnessing the complexities of additional proteomic cancer discoveries. In this race to improve patient outcomes and better decode volumetric quantities of data, Tecan empowers customers to scale their research and discoveries.

Tecan’s automation solutions include instruments, software packages for best-in-class usability and connectivity, numerous configurable modules, deep application know-how and regulatory expertise alongside consulting, service, consumables, and increasingly (for selected applications), the corresponding reagents. We deliver the products and solutions that make our customers’ lab processes and procedures precise, reproducible, and compliant. Tecan’s ability to support customers and partners across the full spectrum from research (RUO), CLIA/LDT, to IVD and Medical Devices, allows us to scale healthcare innovation from research all the way into clinical settings.

IPM: With Oncology, why has automation become so important in the patient care journey?

Many cancer patients are unaware of Tecan’s involvement in facilitating improved patient care. Tecan works alongside customers and partners through two business pillars: the Life Science Business, which focuses on end-customer solutions, and the Partnering Business, which accelerates OEM partners to market with quality components and system development and production services. Tecan solutions automate complex workflows and make procedures more precise, more efficient, scalable, and safer.

IPM: What trends do you see in the market that will shape Tecan’s future role in oncology going forward?

Estimates show every six months the world’s laboratories generate more data than ever produced in human history. This unmatched scale means the ensuing discoveries will shape humankind forever and will shape Tecan’s role in oncology in the future. Key trends impacting our business include:

  • Population growth and aging, which increases demand for diagnostic testing
  • Development and implementation of personalized medicine, whether in pathway and biomarker research, drug discovery/development, or companion diagnostics
  • Advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, connectivity, and data processing that are key to the future of laboratory automation from central testing to near-patient solutions
  • “Biomarker fingerprints” of solid tumors and liquid biopsies leveraging genomic and proteomic data for improved prevention, primary diagnosis, and treatment monitoring
  • Increasing investment in laboratory infrastructure to keep pace with testing demand, regulatory compliance requirements, and healthcare economics

These trends result in increased sample volume and a significant rise in research and diagnostic testing, which means higher levels of productivity must be achieved. This jump in productivity must simultaneously remain reproducible and accurate, with standardized and robust processes based on regulatory requirements. All those factors increase the need for the next generation of technology in laboratory automation where Tecan has proven itself a leader, innovator, and key partner in supporting our customers. We are focused on applying that leadership to the global fight against cancer.

About Tecan

Tecan improves people’s lives and health by empowering customers to scale healthcare innovation globally from life science to the clinic. Tecan is a pioneer and global leader in laboratory automation. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Tecan is also a leader in developing and manufacturing OEM instruments, components, and medical devices that are then distributed by partner companies. Founded in Switzerland in 1980, the company has more than 3,400 employees, with manufacturing, research, and development sites in Europe, North America, and Asia, and maintains a sales and service network in over 70 countries.


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