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Man with brain stroke symptoms

Already Approved Drugs Could Prevent Dementia in Lacunar Stroke Patients

Two cheap, safe, and already approved drugs could help treat lacunar stroke--a leading cause of dementia. Each one led to improvement, but combined, they were even better.
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Lifestyle Biomarker Points to High Blood Pressure, Increased Stroke Risk in Black Adults

A longitudinal study aimed at better understanding geographic and ethnic differences in stroke incidence has identified a metabolite biomarker called gluconic acid. The biomarker is associated with high blood pressure, increased risk of ischemic stroke, eating a Southern diet, lower level of education, and lack of exercise among Black adults.
Man with brain stroke symptoms

Smartphone App Helps Detect Stroke Early

A new smartphone application called FAST.AI, from Neuronics Medical, may help detect stroke symptoms in real time, giving patients an earlier warning.
Woman holding birth control pills in hand to illustrate to impact of estrogen exposure on stroke risk after the menopause

Longer Estrogen Exposure Could Reduce Stroke Risk after Menopause

Higher estrogen levels due to a number of reproductive factors are linked to a lower risk of stroke in women after the menopause.
Doctor checking blood pressure of a pregnant woman who may have hypertension or pre-eclampsia

Pre-Eclampsia Linked to Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

Women who experience pre-eclampsia have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke than their peers for as long as 20 years after delivery.
Heart Attack

AI-Based Model Predicts Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke Using Single X-Ray

Researchers have developed a deep learning tool that predicts a patient's 10-year risk of death from a heart attack or stroke using a single X-ray.
Illustration of red blood cells moving through clogged Artery to indicate familial hypercholesterolemia and need for statin use.

A Cause for Plaque Rupture in Stroke Identified

A new study found that samples from recent stroke victims contained messenger RNA that can cause inflammation and processes that degrade a key portion of the plaque.
Image of a head showing the brain and an intracerebral hemorrhage or bleeding stroke

Fast-Acting and Lasting Protection against Ischemic Stroke Found in Mice

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) demonstrates that a unique subset of white blood cells gives fast-acting and lasting protection against ischemic stroke in mice. 
Image of a head showing the brain and an intracerebral hemorrhage or bleeding stroke

Stroke Risk Cut by Almost Half Through Lifestyle Changes

People genetically at higher risk for stroke can lower their risk by almost half by adopting a healthy cardiovascular lifestyle.
Image of a head showing the brain and an intracerebral hemorrhage or bleeding stroke

Guidelines for Bleeding Stroke Treatment Updated to Improve Care and Outcomes

Some therapies used to manage intracerebral hemorrhages, or a bleeding stroke, are not as effective as previously thought, according to new American Heart Association/American Stroke Association guidelines.


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