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Glioblastoma brain cancer, CT scan

Drug Target Shows Potential to Supercharge Radiotherapy for Glioma

Blocking the protein ZMYND8 could lead to more effective radiotherapy for mutated forms of the brain cancer glioma, according to a new study.
Brain cancer, conceptual artwork

Novel Strategy Can Help Sensitize Glioma Cells To Radiotherapy

Glioma brain cancer cells with mutated ATRX protein can be better targeted with the use of radiation sensitizers to help ensure cancer cell destruction during radiotherapy, according to University of Michigan researchers.
Glioblastoma brain cancer, CT scan

Immunotherapy for Glioma Aided by Common Mutation

The research team identified a blood growth factor secreted by tumors harboring the mutation—one already used by doctors to stimulate the production of white blood cells and reduce the risk of infection in patients receiving chemotherapy—that holds promise for making treatments against gliomas more effective.
Glioma - brain tumor

Glioma Diagnosis, Monitoring Potentially Improved by Enhanced Liquid Biopsy Test

Researchers in the department of neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital found that a novel blood test they pioneered could accurately detect and monitor two mutations of the genes TERT, C228T, and C250T over time.
Glioma - brain tumor

Researchers Begin to Unravel Glioma Chemoresistance

Research from the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) shows that a subset of patients acquires a specific genetic alteration that can evade treatment from a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Brain tumour, illustration

New Mouse Model Helps Identify 200 Variants that Drive Glioma Development

It is known that the majority of glioblastomas have mutations in the EGFR gene, but until now it has not been totally clear what causes the cancer to start and what role mutations in other genes, such as those that normally suppress tumor formation, play in driving this cancer.
Glioma - brain tumor

Study Follows Pattern of Glioma Tumor Evolution

In the first analysis, researchers discovered highly variable and patient-specific genomic alterations in patients with diffuse gliomas. They determined that mutations are largely driven early in glioma development and diverge rapidly thereafter.
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Mining the Dog Genome for Novel Glioma Drug Targets

Researchers have utilized genomic analyses in dogs to identify genes that have a role in brain tumorigenesis for both dogs and human.
Cancer Patient With Toy Dog

CureSearch Organizes Study on Benefits of Molecular Testing in Childhood Cancer

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer announced on Wednesday that it will collaborate with leading research institutions and corporate sponsors to launch a health economics study on the benefits of providing molecular testing for children with cancer.
Child with cancer headshot looking up

Inhibiting a Key Enzyme in Medulloblastoma Kills Cancer While Sparing Healthy Neural Cells

Inhibiting DHODH in medulloblastoma of the MYC-amplified subtype stopped cancer growth but did not interfere with surrounding normal neural stem cells.


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