Agendia to Distribute Inivata’s RaDaR MRD and Cancer Recurrence LBx in U.S. and Europe

Agendia to Distribute Inivata’s RaDaR MRD and Cancer Recurrence LBx in U.S. and Europe

Cambridge, U.K.-based liquid biopsy developer Inivata announced on Wednesday it entered a commercialization agreement breast cancer-focused precision oncology company Agendia to distribute in North America and Europe Inivata’s RaDaR liquid biopsy assay for the detection of minimal residual disease (MRD) and early detection of relapse in patients with breast cancer. The deal comes as Inivata anticipates forthcoming reimbursement decisions for the test and availability in the U.S. market in 2022.

According to Inivata, RaDaR is a highly sensitive personalized liquid biopsy assay that tracks a set of up to 48 tumor-specific variants in patients using a simple blood draw, allowing both the detection of residual disease following curative intent or definitive treatment, and early detection of relapse. The company presented proof-of-principle data at the AACR Annual Meeting earlier this month which showed RaDaR performed with exceptionally high sensitivity (100% MRD detection) in early-stage breast cancer studies [LINK].

“Agendia is a proven leader in providing physicians with precision oncology tools to improve the treatment of patients with breast cancer,” said Clive Morris, CEO of Inivata in a press release.”We believe that the use of highly sensitive liquid biopsy approaches to detect MRD has the potential to transform cancer care by providing clinicians with timely, accurate information about whether the disease may have recurred, allowing a window for intervention and the prospect of better outcomes.”

RaDaR joins Agendia’s current precision oncology platform, which includes MammaPrint and BluePrint cancer recurrence and molecular subtyping tests. According to the companies the addition of RaDaR to AGendia’s lineup will allow physicians to better triage pre- and post-operative care for patients with breast cancer, while monitoring for early indicators of relapse.

The deal further builds Agendia as a leading women’s health company in breast cancer, the partnership and further addition of genomic tools and capabilities are a natural advancement that will impact not only health outcomes, but overall quality of life for patients living with and beyond breast cancer.

“Inivata is a pioneer in liquid biopsy,” noted Mark Straley, CEO of Agendia in a prepared statement. “The partnership with Inivata is a natural progression for Agendia to guide breast cancer care from diagnosis to surgery, treatment to monitoring and beyond, to ensure timely information to manage care. RaDaR will add to our leading market position in breast cancer with a repeat testing model, and the opportunity to provide a comprehensive offering for patients at every stage of their journey.”