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Angled DNA Double Helix

One and Done? How CRISPR Is Changing the Clinical Outlook for Multiple Diseases

Despite barriers that still need to be overcome, it is clear that recent and future developments in gene editing technology could genuinely change lives. Rapid progress suggests that 2023 will likely be a big year for gene editing in terms of clinical success.
Bacteria inside the small intestine, concept, representation to indicate problems with the gut microbiome

SNIPR Biome Reports Good Initial “In-Human” Results for CRISPR Gene Therapy

SNIPR Biome achieves good interim Phase I results in a trial to combat antibiotic resistant E. coli in blood cancer patients.
Base editing

CRISPR-Cas Used against Antimicrobial Resistance

The CRISPR-Cas gene editing system is being used in laboratory studies to block antimicrobial resistance. The work is being done by by researchers at the University of Exeter and the Institute of Hydrobiology in Dresden.
CRISPR - Cas9 system

Function Oncology Launches with CRISPR-Powered Personalized Functional Genomics Platform

Function Oncology has officially launched with the goal of revolutionizing the future of targeted cancer treatment by developing a CRISPR-powered, personalized functional genomics platform.
An illustration of a CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing protein cutting a DNA helix

Health System Launches CRISPR-Based Biopharma

ChristianaCare announced today that it has spun out CorriXR Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that will leverage CRISPR gene editing technology to develop oncology therapeutics.
image of lungs with SARS-CoV-2 particles on them to indicate infection and lung damage from COVID-19

Role of Mucins in SARS-CoV-2 Infection Probed via CRISPR

A CRISPR screen showed certain mucins are protective against SARS-CoV-2 and that expression levels of these proteins can impact disease progression.
Genetic research

CRISPR Pioneer Stanley Qi’s Epic Bio Launches with $55 Million

Epic Bio has launched with a $55 million Series A financing. It was founded by Stanley Qi, Ph.D., a co-inventor on the University of California's CRISPR patent and will use epigenetics to create a new class of genetic medicines.
Microscopic view of phagocytic macrophages, which are involved in the immune response within the body to conditions such as melanoma skin cancer.

CRISPR-, Macrophage-Focused DEM BioPharma Launches with $70M Financing

The company’s focus is to create new therapies that leverage macrophages and other myeloid effector cells to eliminate tumors by targeting novel “don’t eat me” (DEM) and “eat me (EM) signals on cancer cells and macrophages.
Concept of biochemistry with DNA molecule

The Evolution of CRISPR Technology from Editing to Diagnostics

The discovery of these new Cas enzymes really catalyzed researchers to investigate how CRISPR technology could be used in diagnostics and over the last few years several biotech companies have been set up to explore this potential.
CRISPR technology

Novel CRISPRi-Based Screen Could Improve Drug-Resistant TB Treatment

A new CRISPR interference-based chemical and genetic screen could guide future tuberculosis treatment and new drug development.


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