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T-Cells Attacking Cancer Cell

Gilead to Purchase Remaining Rights to Potential First-in-Class Immunotherapy from Jounce Therapeutics

Gilead Sciences and Jounce Therapeutics announced late Tuesday amendments to the existing terms and licensing agreements for GS-1811 (previously called JTX-1811), a potential first-in-class anti-CCR8 antibody in development as a potential treatment against solid tumors.
Inmunologically active proteins on a T-cell: T-cell receptor, CD-4, CD-28, PD-1 and CTLA-4 and a calcium channel

Reducing Hypoxia May Improve Immunotherapy

Tired T cells not only lose their own ability to fight cancer; they also influence surrounding cells to suppress an immune response.
Microscope photo of a human large intestine section with inflammation

Qu Biologics Taps Karolinska Institute to Validate Qu’s Immunotherapy Platform

The research will be led by Prof. Jonas Fuxe, and will characterize the molecular targets of Qu's Site Specific Immunomodulator (SSI) therapy at the tissue level that lead to resolution of disease.
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL-L2 blood smear under light microscopy

Immunotherapy Plus Consolidation Chemo Improves Survival in B Lineage ALL

Adding the immunotherapy blinatumomab after an initial round of consolidation chemotherapy in patients with good prognosis with B lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) kept most patients in remission and improved survival.
Close up of melanoma

Gene Variant Flags Immunotherapy Issues

Researchers have made important progress in identifying skin cancer patients who are genetically at high risk of side effects from immunotherapy.
x-ray lung cancer

Aneuploidy Revealed as a Key Biomarker in Cancer Immunotherapy and Radiation Response

Scientists at the University of Chicago discovered that lung cancers with high aneuploidy responded better to simultaneous treatment with radiation and immunotherapy.
CART Cell Cancer Immunotherapy

CD8+ T-Cell Infiltration Level Linked to Cancer Immunotherapy Response

Cancer patients’ response to immunotherapy may be predictable in part based on their levels of CD8+ T cell infiltration.
Treatment with lipid Nanoparticles, Genetic therapy, Fluorescent staining

Dual-Action Nanoparticles Deliver Chemoimmunotherapy

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have developed a new cancer treatment strategy involving co-delivery of a chemotherapy drug and a newly identified immunotherapy.
Immune checkpoint inhibitors: Interaction between PD-1 and PD-L1  blocked by therapeutic antibodies

Biomarkers Found for Hyper-Progression of Melanoma after Immunotherapy

Certain biomarkers may predict likelihood of checkpoint inhibitor drugs "backfiring" during melanoma treatment. Duke Cancer Institute researchers have identified a pathway that may explain why this serious side effect occurs in a subset of patients.
Cancer cells, illustration

Deep Learning Predicts Immunotherapy Response

A deep learning model helps reveal the immune system's response to immunotherapy. The model may even pave the way for treatment approaches for diseases outside of oncology.


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